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Location Update & Service Opportunities

by Doug DeFord | Published June 13, 2021

Dear Church Family,

I want to remind you all that tomorrow is our last Sunday in the mall. Also, remember that we will only meet in the mall in the morning as we will be having a special meeting in our new building in the evening. This will be a time of prayer as well as a congregational meeting in regard to an equity line of credit at TruBank and for the purpose of appointing a new treasurer.

Next Sunday (July 20th) we will be meeting at The Studio in Indianola, 104 1/2 W. 1st Street, for both services with game night afterward.

Our plan is to begin meeting in our own building (10450 County Line Road, Des Moines, Iowa 50320) starting July 4th. We will not be having a fellowship meal that day nor will we have an evening service.

A great deal of (floor) cleaning is going to be necessary before we can meet there. We are asking whoever can possibly help clean to plan on doing so. We will be listing each room that needs cleaned on a white board and suggest that families that can help adopt a room (or more) to clean. Floor cleaning can begin on June 21st and can continue through the 3rd of July.

Additionally, we are going to be unloading the Pac Van on the evening of June 24th. We would appreciate all the help we can get for that too.

Thank You!

Pastor Doug

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