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Happy Resurrection Sunday!

by Josh Stilwell | Published April 17, 2022

For Christians, today is the high point of the year! Today we celebrate Jesus’ triumph over death. Join as we worship the crucified, buried, risen, and returning Christ!

A Look Back

by Josh Stilwell | Published February 12, 2022

A look at Alathea’s legacy!

Happy Reformation Day!

by Josh Stilwell | Published October 31, 2021

On this day in 1517, Luther posted his 95 Theses onto the church door and, quite by accident, set about one of the greatest shifts in Christian history.

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween

by Josh Stilwell | Published October 21, 2021

It’s that time of year again. You can’t walk into your local grocery store without seeing an array of ghosts, zombies, witches, jack-o-lanterns, and scarecrows. The Halloween season is upon us. And so Christians begin to wonder where they fit into all this. Is this a holiday that Christians can or should participate in?

The Sunday Morning Post 10.3.21

by Josh Stilwell | Published October 3, 2021

The Apostles’ Creed is one of the oldest known Christian doctrinal statements outside of the New Testament.

Stop Empathizing With People

by Josh Stilwell | Published September 26, 2021

What if I told you that when you empathize with people there’s a good chance you’re sinning? And what if I further told you that when you require others to empathize with you there’s a good chance you’re committing a very serious sin? Now that I’ve got your attention, please keep the stones in your hand until you’ve read the entire article. 

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