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Category Archives: Disciple Making

The Sunday Morning Post 10.10.21

by Josh Stilwell | Published October 10, 2021

Why are so many Christians living an unsatisfied life?

Stop Empathizing With People

by Josh Stilwell | Published September 26, 2021

What if I told you that when you empathize with people there’s a good chance you’re sinning? And what if I further told you that when you require others to empathize with you there’s a good chance you’re committing a very serious sin? Now that I’ve got your attention, please keep the stones in your hand until you’ve read the entire article. 

The Sunday Morning Post 8.8.21

by Josh Stilwell | Published August 8, 2021

What are you expecting? What are you attempting?

The New Series on the Book of Acts

by Josh Stilwell | Published June 28, 2021

Check out the first sermon in Pastor Doug’s new series on the book of Acts!

How Disciple Making Changed Our Church

by Josh Stilwell | Published April 24, 2021

In a recent video, Pastor Doug was asked to share with other ministry leaders how disciple making has changed the culture of Alathea Baptist Church.

Pastor’s Report – 2020

by Doug DeFord | Published March 6, 2021

There are any number of words we could use, have used, or have heard others use to describe the year 2020. Unprecedented, strange, irregular, the new normal (Heaven forbid), or even the grand conspiracy! While some of those words may be appropriate, for the most part I think that we at Alathea Baptist Church have a different take, and I want to take a few moments to present evidence for the validity of that claim.

The Sunday Morning Post 12.27.20

by Josh Stilwell | Published December 27, 2020

How will the church survive in this or any other time?

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