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Category Archives: Disciple Making

New Sermon Series: The Discipleship of Peter

by Josh Stilwell | Published March 13, 2024

Fisherman. Disciple. Denier. Apostle. A man who wielded nets, swords, and keys. The little stone. The preacher at Pentecost. Author of Scripture. Denier of Jesus. Reciever of grace.

Starting on [ more ]

Pastor’s Christmas Open House

by Josh Stilwell | Published November 20, 2023

Stop by the DeFord home on December 10 for Christmas refreshments

The Domains of Revival

by Doug DeFord | Published March 18, 2023

See Part 1 – What is Revival

One of the definitions of domain is, “a sphere of activity, concern, or function.” There are several different domains or sphere of revival, in [ more ]

Pastor’s Report 2023

by Doug DeFord | Published February 12, 2023

Pastor Doug’s “state of the [church] union” address

Is Rome Home?

by Josh Stilwell | Published November 26, 2022

Why Evangelicals are becoming Catholic…and a better solution.

The Conversion of Frederick Douglass

by Josh Stilwell | Published August 19, 2022

Did you know the abolitionist Frederick Douglass was also a committed Christian?

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