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Mother’s Day as a Declaration of War

by Josh Stilwell | Published May 7, 2021

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Hopefully you’ll spend the day honoring the mothers in your life. We all know that Mother’s Day is a special day, but it’s not the sort of holiday that we tend to think of in military terms. But I want to argue that Mother’s Day is a declaration of war – not on people, but on principles – and principalities (Eph. 6:12).

Christian motherhood stands for something. And that something is a set of values that are very different from the values of contemporary culture. 

The world measures values by titles and paychecks. Christian motherhood says that real value comes in investing in the lives of little ones, who can give nothing back but love. 

The world demands immediate results. But Christian motherhood proves that the world is changed little-by-little, over generations by wiping noses, and cuddling toddlers, and rocking crying babies. 

The world tells us that power means having a corner office and being able to give orders. But Mother’s Day reminds us that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

The world teaches that motherhood is expendable, an arbitrary invention of society. But godly mothers declare to all that they are needed and valuable; that the world needs mothers who pour their hearts into their vocation.

The world insists that this life is all that matters. But disciple-making mothers sacrifice to prepare their children for eternity.

This is why the world hates passionate motherhood and robust, biblical womanhood.  And this why Christians should delight in both.

So this Mother’s Day celebrate the mothers in your life and declare God’s beautiful design for motherhood and womanhood.

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  1. Stephen Novak says:

    Amen and Amen!!!!!!!

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