Baptist Church

A Christ-Focused Des Moines Baptist Church

Welcome to Alathea Baptist Church of Des Moines, Iowa — a multi-generational family of Christians working by God's grace to establish godly homes, fulfill the Great Commission, and be more like Jesus Christ.

Growing Our Church

At Alathea Baptist Church, we strive to grow with our congregation, so we recently completed a new facility to accommodate our church for years to come. We invite you to visit our church and check our service times as we grow together in our new building.

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Fulfilling the Mission
of Disciple-Making

One of the key missions of our church is disciple-making through the motto "Win One, Lead One, Follow One." This mission emphasizes the importance of following someone else who follows Christ. We encourage you to contact our staff to start your relationship with a spiritual mentor and learn more about your role in this mission.

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